Susan K. Wehrley (2013 Mentor)

Susan K. Wehrley brings over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience to Startup Weekend Milwaukee. After 24 years as a Business Consultant with her company, Susan K. Wehrley & Associates, Inc., Wehrley developed an online Strategic Resource Center called BIZremedies. It includes an Employee Engagement Software which engages employees in the creation and collaboration of the strategic planning process, therefore increasing focus and productivity. Along with the software, BIZremedies offers access to Wehrley’s team of Qualified Consultants who can assist companies in strategic initiatives so they can stay lean.

Additionally, Wehrley is an author, speaker, Strategic Planning Consultant and Organizational Communication Coach. This year has been busy for Wehrley, who released her fifth book, “Ignite ‘The Plan’” — the powerful true story about her journey with late mentor George Dalton.

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